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Physical Therapy and Weight Loss in Bridgeport

Revolution Physical Therapy Weight Loss offers physical therapy and weight loss services in the heart of Chicago's South Side. Our Bridgeport location is inside the Wellness Home of the Morgan building at 3418 S. Halsted Street. Revolution offers physical therapy with a personal touch. We also offer sports medicine & specialty therapy, nutrition counseling, behavioral therapy, dry needling, athletic training, functional capacity evaluations, and more. Learn more about how you can lose weight and keep it off and make an appointment at our beautiful Bridgeport location today!


Revolution Physical Therapy Weight Loss in Bridgeport

Our Bridgeport physical therapy location, located on the South Side of Chicago for your convenience, Revolution Physical Therapy Weight Loss offers a wide range of physical therapy and weight loss-related services to help you feel and look your best. Our team is made up of Physical Therapists, Exercise Physiologists, Behavioral Counselors, and Registered Dieticians. We offer one-on-one sessions, virtual sessions, and more to help you meet your goals. Our results are significant and proven.

Learn more about our Bridgeport services, including:

PT fitness

Physical Therapy Rehabilitation

Comprehensive Weight Loss Program

Nutrition Counseling

Behavioral Counseling

Sports Medicine & Specialty Therapy

Athletic Training

Blood Flow Restriction

Post COVID-19 Rehab

Dry Needling

Functional Capacity Evaluations, Workers Compensation

And more!

Bridgeport Physical Therapy Rehabilitation

Whether you’re struggling with strains, sprains, or pains, our Bridgeport physical therapists can help. Our team of licensed physical therapists will evaluate your injury and provide an appropriate treatment plan to fit your individual needs and help you achieve a complete recovery. Revolution's physical therapy services include orthopedic and sports rehabilitation services for all joint and muscle injuries, including spine rehabilitation and post-operative care.


Comprehensive Weight Loss Program

Start your revolution today! Lose weight and keep it off with our comprehensive weight loss program at Bridgeport. A University of Illinois at Chicago study in 2017 found that our patients lost about 12 pounds, decreased fasted blood glucose, and significantly decreased their resting blood pressure after eight weeks of comprehensive care in our program. Our program allows you to proceed at your own pace and reach your own specific goals. Work with our team of Exercise Physiologists, Registered Dietician Nutritionists, Motivation Managers, and Physical Therapists to help you achieve your goals and improve your overall quality of life. If you’re ready to start your weight loss revolution at Revolution, contact us today!

 Nutritional Counseling

Nutrition Counseling at Bridgeport

Our Nutrition Counseling services at Bridgeport include meeting with a Registered Dietician Nutritionist, who will analyze your metabolism, help improve your eating habits and help you create lifelong dietary strategies for weight control. Our program helps you learn and integrate healthy eating habits so that you can stay on a sustained course of weight control. Our nutrition counseling is tailored for you and your body, which really makes a difference.


Bridgeport Behavioral Therapy

As part of our program, you will meet weekly with a behavioral therapist for a one-hour session to help you stay motivated. Our Bridgeport Behavioral Medicine Clinicians will teach you strategies to remain motivated for healthy changes, including:

A Plan for Commitment Consistency

Rewards for Sustained Commitment

Preparing for Challenges

Utilizing Visualization Techniques

Lapse vs. Relapse 


Sports Medicine & Specialty Therapy Bridgeport

Revolution Physical Therapy Weight Loss in Bridgeport offers Sports Medicine & Specialty Therapy services. We offer physical therapy for athletes to perform their best, avoid injuries, or recover after an injury.

 athletic training streeterville

Athletic Training

If your goal is to run the Chicago Marathon, or if you’re training for another major athletic event, come see us at our Bridgeport athletic training clinic first. We work with athletes of any level of competition to prevent, evaluate, and treat injuries through physical therapy. We can help you get back in the game, on the field, or on the court.


Running and Throwing Analysis Bridgeport

Our Bridgeport location also offers running and throwing analysis services for athletes. Our physical therapists can analyze your leg, arm, and body movement to help you improve your form and identify issues that might lead to an injury or poor performance.


Blood Flow Restriction 

Our Bridgeport physical therapy location also offers Blood Flow Restriction therapy. During BFRT, we apply external pressure over your extremities via a cuff while performing rehabilitation. This allows you to make greater strength gains while lifting loader loads and reduces the overall stress placed on your limbs.

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Post COVID-19 Rehab Bridgeport  

If you are struggling with the long-haul effects of COVID-19, we can help. Our Bridgeport rehab location offers post COVID-19 rehab to help you recover from the various physical and emotional symptoms of the virus that remain long after your diagnosis. If you are suffering from PASC, which stands for Post-Acute Sequelae of SARS-CoV-2, we can work with you to help you recover. If you are suffering from fatigue or weakness, body aches, shortness of breath, or muscle or joint pain, you can benefit from post COVID-19 rehabilitation at Revolution.

 Dry Needling

Dry Needling

Our Bridgeport location also offers Dry Needling services to help with pain, muscle tightness, and stiffness. Dry Needling is also an effective way of speeding up recovery after an injury, diagnosis, or surgery. (And don’t worry: though it sounds painful, it isn’t!) Our technique involves a dry needle, one without medication or injection, being inserted through the skin into the areas of the muscle.


Functional Capacity Evaluations, Workers Compensation in Bridgeport

We also offer Functional Capacity Evaluations and Workers Compensations evaluations at our Bridgeport location. If you have suffered a work injury, you might need a functional capacity evaluation to determine if you are entitled to workers compensation. A Functional Capacity Evaluation, or FCE, is a series of tests we perform to determine if your injury affects your ability to perform the duties of your job.


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All major insurance plans are accepted, and no prescription or referral is necessary. 


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