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At Revolution Physical Therapy Weight Loss, our goal is to provide the communities we serve with high-quality physical therapy rehabilitation and weight loss services.  Our team strives to exceed patients' expectations through one-on-one sessions, collaboration, and education resulting in exceptional outcomes.


Why Revolution?


Revolution is comprised of industry-leading Physical Therapists trained with years of experience and possess advanced degrees in their respective specialties to offer patients the rehabilitation services they require.


In addition to Physical Therapy, we offer an evidence-based multidisciplinary sustainable weight loss program. Designed with a scientific approach to customizing a treatment plan that allows patients to progress at their own pace and reach their specific goals.


According to a peer-reviewed study administered by the University of Illinois at Chicago (2017);  patients lost 12 lbs, significantly decreased resting blood pressure and glucose in the first 8 weeks of care at Revolution Physical Therapy and Weight Loss.

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Why Revolution?