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Patient Videos



Pam explains how the three main Revolution PTWL components of Nutrition, Motivation and Training have helped her change her lifestyle for the better and with lasting results.


Muscular Endurance up 350%. Body Fat Decreased 5% in 60 Days. Small Victories Add Up.


Successful patients explain how the Revolution PTWL expert team of Exercise Physiologists, Registered Dietitians, and Clinical Psychologists helped them to achieve their weight loss goals, manage and prevent disease states such as pre-diabetes and hypertension (high blood pressure), and motivate patients to achieve 100% guaranteed results every time.


Steven discusses the uniqueness of the Revolution Physical Therapy Weight Loss program and its distinct "human element" and involvement in helping people achieve success.


Janet talks about the personalized and individual attention provided by the staff at Revolution Training Centers.


The program is so unique because it combines three disciplines that no other program has been able to master.


Revolution has helped Cari recover from her fourth knee surgery and is now pain free.


Andrew describes how Revolution helped him drop 95 lbs and keep it off


Lisa examines how the combination of nutrition and fitness has helped her stick to her plan