At Revolution Physical Therapy Weight Loss, we understand that motivation levels can be affected by many outside influences. During your weekly one hour session our Licensed Clinical Social Worker or Phychologist will teach the stages of change, goal setting techniques, as well as commitment consistency.

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You will learn strategies and mechanisms to remain motivated for healthy changes, including:

• A Plan for Commitment Consistency
• Rewards for Sustained Commitment
• Preparing for Challenges
• Utilizing Visualization Techniques

• Relaxation Techniques

• Lapse vs. Relapse

Your Clinical Behavioral Professional will review your level of motivation at each meeting, discuss challenges and successes, and map out an action plan between your sessions. 

  Proven Motivational Techniques

Our Clinical Behavioral Professionals utilize techniques proven through research to help you stay consistent and committed. 




Techniques include:

Cognitive Behavior Therapy

What is it?

You will complete a Revolution Physical Therapy Weight Loss Readiness Evaluation, and discuss with your Behavioral Medicine Clinician how thought patterns, beliefs, feelings, and situations affect your exercise and nutrition.

What does it do?

• Helps your Behavioral Medicine Clinician understand and plan for your stages of change
• Offers strategies to help you focus on maintaining your new behaviors
• Allows you to set goals with specific and trackable markers



Stages of Change

What is it?

You will discuss the fundamental stages of change, and their impact on your health and nutrition.

What does it do?

Helps you understand and plan for common changes and struggles. Areas to be discussed include:

• Pre-Contemplation - Not even thinking about making a change
• Contemplation - Considering a commitment to change
• Preparation / Action - Committed to change
• Struggling - Having difficulty with commitment
• Fear of Success and more commonly, Fear of Failure
• Buy In - Commitment
• Re-energized and Re-motivated - Positive feedback loop of change commitment




Acceptance Committment Therapy

What is it?

Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT) is a therapeutic approach that will challenge you to commit to change by accepting thoughts and feelings about yourself, health, and fitness. The goal of ACT is to help you consistently choose to act effectively in the presence of difficult or disruptive events.

What does it do?

• With health behavior change, people usually feel a surge of motivation and energy about making the effort to exercise, exercising, and liking their trainers. Over time and as fitness becomes more challenging, however, this motivation may fall off and people come to resent themselves and the effort they must put in to achieve their goals.


Our Clinical Behavioral Professionals have been trained in this process, and teach mechanisms that anticipate struggles and prevent occasional lapses from becoming relapses into inactivity and poor nutrition. They work with your entire team to make sure your process of change is as smooth as it can be, and that you maintain the energy and enthusiasm for exercising and feeling healthy that you had when you began.



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