What makes your program so Revolutionary?

Whether you need to lose weight, lower your blood pressure, manage your cholesterol, control diabetes, or prepare for a marathon, our team of professionals are well trained to guide you in the process. We are educated in the sciences of nutrition, exercise physiology, motivation management, fitness, physical therapy and diagnostic testing. We wrap our services into an easily accessible, service-oriented and caring atmosphere. We have started a revolution by addressing all of the necessary health components together.

Do I need to talk with my Doctor before starting to exercise?

We strongly suggest you speak to your physician to receive medical clearance to begin an exercise program. If you do not have a physician you see regularly, we will gladly provide you with an appropriate referral.

Who uses your services?

Our services are available to adults, adolescents, and children in need of rehabilitation or weight loss. We offer orthopedic and sports rehabilitation for all joint, muscle, and spine injuries. Typical weight loss patients have a variety of diagnoses such as diabetes, pre-diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, and cardio/pulmonary conditions.

How is my personal information shared with the Revolution Physical Therapy Weight Loss team?

Your personal information is protected through Safetech Fraud Tools and Safetech Encryption to ensure prevention of data theft and offers data security. Any and all information provided by you is stored and kept with your Revolution Physical Therapy Weight Loss team.

The Weight Loss program looks interesting, but I would rather choose the professionals I work with separately. Can I do this?

Although we believe the 8-week Weight Loss program is a recipe for results, we invite you to use any combination of our services.

If I choose to have additional sessions with one or more of the professionals on my team, is that permitted?

Yes, of course. We are thrilled that you've formed a good working relationship with your team members. A per-session or discounted package of sessions is available. These extra sessions may be used during your initial Weight Loss program or after the program is completed.

What happens if I cannot complete all of my sessions?

We understand that unexpected things happen, so if you have an illness or must leave town, we will be flexible. However, it is to your benefit to complete the program within, or very close to 8 weeks. The efficacy of the program is predicated on the frequency and duration of all disciplines involved.

Do you offer other services?

Yes. We offer post rehab training, event/travel preparation, marathon training, adventure travel, and all of our core services, including nutrition counseling, personal training, motivation management, and diagnostic testing. We also offer nutrition counseling for those who want to learn how to eat better for overall wellness, and for those who are training for fitness events.

Will my health insurance pay for my services?

We accept all major health insurance plans including Blue Cross/Blue Shield Preferred Provider, PPO, POS, HMO, Medicare, Workers Compensation, Personal Injury, Out of Network plans, HSA, FSA, and Employee Wellness Programs.

When can I start?

Today! Give us a call at (312) 878-8800.