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Revolution Physical Therapy Weight Loss serves Orland Park with high-quality physical therapy rehabilitation and weight loss services. The Physical Therapists, Exercise Physiologists, Behavioral Counselors, and Registered Dieticians on our Orland Park team will help you meet your goals. We offer one-on-one sessions, collaboration, and education, resulting in exceptional outcomes. We are the experts in combining physical therapy with weight loss in a medically supervised program. Whether you want to shed some weight, get healthier, or run a marathon, we can help you achieve your goals!


Revolution Physical Therapy Weight Loss in Orland Park

At Revolution Physical Therapy Weight Loss in Orland Park, we offer a variety of services to help you look and feel your best in your body. Some of our services include:


PT fitness

Physical Therapy Rehabilitation

Running/Throwing Analysis

Blood Flow Restriction

Post COVID-19 Rehab

Sports Medicine & Specialty Therapy

Comprehensive Weight Loss Program

Nutrition Counseling

Dry Needling

Athletic Training

Functional Capacity Evaluations, Workers Compensation

And more!

Physical Therapy Rehabilitation in Orland Park

Revolution Physical Therapy Weight Loss offers physical therapy rehabilitation in Orland Park. Our physical therapists can put you on the best road to recovery after an injury or surgery. Whatever you are rehabilitating from, you can be sure that our clinicians will develop the most appropriate treatment to fit your individual needs and help you heal. 

 Running Analysis

Running and Throwing Analysis Orland Park 

We offer both Running Analysis and Throwing Analysis at our Orland Park location. During a Running Analysis, we look at your leg and body movement to help you improve your running efficiency. During a Throwing Analysis, we assess your throwing mechanics to identify issues in your delivery that can lead to poor performance and risks of injury. 


Blood Flow Restriction in Orland Park 

Our Orland Park physical therapy location also offers Blood Flow Restriction therapy (BFR). This is a technique that combines low-intensity exercise with blood flow occlusion. During BFR, we apply external pressure over your extremities via a cuff while performing rehabilitation. This allows you to make greater strength gains while lifting loads and reduces the overall stress placed on your limbs. We use blood flow restriction training to help our patients make strength training gains while lifting lighter loads. 


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Orland Park Post COVID-19 Rehab

Many patients are struggling with the long-term effects of COVID-19 long after they are diagnosed. At Revolution Physical Therapy Weight Loss in Orland Park, we offer post COVID-19 rehabilitation to help you recover from the physical and endurance challenges that commonly result as a side effect from the virus. We can help treat muscle loss, heart, and lung capacity issues, and endurance challenges that we are seeing frequently in patients who suffered from serious cases of COVID-19. Our goal is to help you recuperate and get you back to the life you knew. 

 Sports Injury

Sports Medicine & Specialty Therapy in Orland Park

Our Sports Medicine & Specialty Therapy program in Orland Park encompasses the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of sports injuries. Whether you are hoping to avoid an injury, or have suffered a sports injury and need rehab, we can help you train and recover, and hopefully get you back on the field in no time. 


Orland Park Comprehensive Weight Loss Program

Start your revolution today! Lose weight and keep it off with our comprehensive weight loss program. A University of Illinois at Chicago study in 2017 found that our patients lost about 12 pounds, decreased fasted blood glucose, and significantly decreased their resting blood pressure after eight weeks of comprehensive care in our program. Our program allows you to proceed at your own pace and reach your own specific goals. Work with our team of Exercise Physiologists, Registered Dietician Nutritionists, Motivation Managers, and Physical Therapists to help you achieve your goals and improve your overall quality of life. If you’re ready to start your weight loss revolution at Revolution, contact us today!  

 Nutritional Counseling

Nutrition Counseling in Orland Park

We also offer Nutrition Counseling in Orland Park. You will meet weekly with your Registered Dietician Nutritionist in order to create a completely customized nutrition program based on your unique metabolism, health, and fitness goals. Our program helps you adopt healthy eating habits so that you can live a sustained course of weight control. Your nutritionist will educate you on Nutrition 101, perform a Resting Metabolic Rate Test to learn about your own personal metabolism, and help you with food journaling, portion control, and reading nutrition labels. 


Behavioral Therapy in Orland Park 

Our Orland Park location also offers Motivation Management to help you learn strategies to stay motivated and committed to your program. You will meet weekly with a licensed Behavioral Medicine Clinician, who will teach you the stages of changes, help you with goal setting techniques, and create a plan for commitment consistency. We use Cognitive Behavior Therapy to help you meet your goals. 

 Dry Needling

Dry Needling in Orland Park

Dry Needling is performed by our physical therapists in Orland Park to treat pain, muscle tightness, and stiffness. Our Dry Needling services can help improve pain control, reduce muscle tension and soreness, and normalize dysfunctions of the motor endplates. This can help speed up your return to a more active rehabilitation following an injury, diagnosis, or surgery. 


Orland Park Personal Training

We also offer Personal Training in Orland Park. Our Exercise Physiologists and Physical Therapists will create a customized training program for you based on your unique Biomarker Assessments, cardiovascular level, gender, age, weight, health conditions, and goals. Our Exercise Physiologists hold a Master’s degree in the exercise sciences. If you are training for a fitness event, let us help you. We use a combination of cardiovascular and resistance exercises to help you get in your best athletic shape!


Functional Capacity Evaluations, Workers Compensation in Orland Park 

Revolution Physical Therapy Weight Loss also offers Functional Capacity Evaluations and Workers Compensation Evaluations in Orland Park. Functional Capacity Evaluations, also referred to as FCEs, are a valuable tool for worker’s compensation. We offer a comprehensive assessment to determine an injured worker’s physical ability to return to work at a certain level. 


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Make your appointment today to get on the road to healing, weight loss, athletic training, or any other services you require. Whatever your fitness and physical goals are, we can help you meet them or even exceed them! No referral is necessary and we accept all major health insurance plans. We are located at 14400 John Humphrey Drive, Suite 210 in Orland Park, Illinois. Get started today by calling us at (708) 963-0322!

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