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Healthy Living on the Road

Hour of interval training on Pitzer -Pomona College football field When my 21 year old son asked me to drive with him across our beautiful country from Chicago to LA, I jumped at the opportunity to spend... More »

Just Dessert

Two Hour Hike on the Colorado Trail. Recently, I was invited for "a dessert with President Obama." Now let's get something straight here. I don't usually dine with the president, so you can be sure this... More »

Exercise is Medicine: July 30th, 2012

 Fourteen mile run along the beautiful Lake Michigan coast.I recently read a book that is a "must read" this summer. Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain, written by John... More »

Fartlek...It's No Stomach Ailment! June 23rd, 2012

Seven mile Fartlek run on Chicago's beautiful lakefront Fartlek is a Swedish word meaning " speed play." It's a form of interval training that can enhance your workouts, making them more fun, more effective,... More »

Summer Exercising in the Heat!

RightFit- June 25, 2012. 7 Mile Run on Chicago’s Lakefront. Hot weather running, is the best!  I love to get up early on a hot day and run along Chicago's lakefront. It's amazing... More »

The Age-Old Question

South Rim Grand Canyon, Arizona. Six hour hike into Grand Canyon. I am sitting here, with my darling wife, looking out over the Grand Canyon, enjoying that natural opiate, produced internally, after a... More »

Cue - Action - Reward - Craving

April 17, 2012 Recently I mentioned a book "The Power of Habit" written by Charles Duhigg. The science behind forming good healthy habits is fascinating. Duhigg breaks it down very simply. He describes... More »

Skinning! A New Activity to Try

April 16, 2012 90 minutes of Squash Taxes are due tomorrow so I thought I would brighten your day with a new activity I enjoyed recently. Skinning! Yes that's right, Skinning. No, I have not taken up... More »

"The Science of Habit"

March 18, 2012    Three hours of snowboarding in the Colorado Rockies. Another interesting article caught my eye in the April issue of Men's Journal. "The Science of Habit,” by Mark Healy... More »

"Colleagues Who Can Get You Fat"

March 17, 2012   Five hours snowboarding in Colorado Rockies I read a great article in the Wall Street Journal by Sue Shellenbarger titled, “Colleagues Who Can Get You Fat.” She tells... More »

Avoidable Diseases

March 14, 2012   Yoga, 45 minutes on eliptical and free weights. I watched the British Prime Minister David Cameron speak at the White House today and he used an interesting phrase; "avoidable diseases... More »

Join Team Revolution and be a Mercy Home Hero

February 4, 2012    Six mile beach run and 20 pool laps in El Salvador. I did it!!! I signed up with Team Revolution to be a Mercy Home Hero running the Chicago Marathon October 7, 2012. I am... More »

Lifestyle Diseases

January 17, 2012 Two hours snowboarding in the Rockies. Have you noticed lately that the drug and medical supply commercials on TV and in print seem to be the most prolific? Diabetes, heart disease,... More »

Resolve to Get Excited!

Three hour snow shoe hike in the Colorado Rockies.  There were two worrisome articles in the NY Times this week discussing New Year’s resolutions to exercise more that go unresolved and weight... More »

Targeting Stairs

December 27 -  Five mile run and yoga. You may recall a few weeks ago, I suggested looking for the stairs when possible to add some more activity to your day. Many buildings and stores hide the... More »

Add Exercise To Your Schedule!

December 26 -  Half hour on Stair Master and yoga. I haven't blogged in a week and I am trying to squeeze my exercise into less available time. Sounds familiar? We all have busy schedules, especially... More »

Some Advice From Fred

December 18 -  Five mile run along Lake Michigan. As I returned from my run this morning, Fred, the custodial engineer in my building held the door open for me. Probably, I looked like I was too... More »

Clearing Those Airport Hurdles

December 14 -  Denver International Airport. Walked through airport and used stairs. Traveling over the holidays can be quite a challenge, especially to us active folks. Airports pose even greater... More »

Prepping For Your Getaway

December 13 -  Three hours of snowboarding and yoga in the mountains. Many of us are thinking of getting away after the holiday craziness. Some of you are planning a ski trip, so let's talk perpetration... More »

Saying "No" More Often

December 10 -  Three hours of snowboarding on Breckenridge Mountain and forty-five minutes of yoga. I just read an interesting analogy by the great author, Michael Lewis, famous for his financial... More »

The Holidays Can Bring Challenges

December 6 -  Half hour on stair climber, yoga and resistive exercises. Holiday party time is here and it's hell for us weight controllers and active people. We threw a party last weekend and had... More »

Put Some Pep In Your Step

November 29 -  Six mile beach run with Rocky and twenty pool laps, yoga, push ups and sit ups. I observed a metamorphosis recently. My wife's pal, Liz, has been battling with her weight for years... More »

Choosing Vacations

November 26 -  Six mile run with Rocky, until he ran off to chase chicks! Twenty laps in pool. How do you choose your vacations? Do you even take time away? Many don't, due to lack of funds, lack... More »

What Motivates You?

November 24 - Happy Thanksgiving! Six mile run on beach with my wife and Rocky, 15 laps in pool, 2 beach walks. (Needed to increase activity level before the big feast!) So what motivates you? What gets... More »

Daily Eating Habits

November 23 -  Six mile run on the beach of El Salvador with my wife and Rocky, my surfer dog. Twenty laps in the pool and a sunset walk. As I was enjoying my early morning run, I noticed something... More »

Nothing Active Is Insignificant

November 22 -  Six mile walk-run-walk on a Central American beach with my wife and dog. I mention my activity to keep me on my goals, my location because choosing your heaven on earth keeps me motivated,... More »

I've Been Inspired

November 11 -  I have decided to write a blog. My son has inspired me. He writes a music commentary blog and claims 5,000 readers. What also has inspired me to write is the sorry state and size of... More »