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Seven Exercise Tips to Reach Your Goals

Seven Exercise Strategies to Help You Achieve Your Goals Creating an exercise routine and sticking with it can be difficult. At Revolution we help you achieve your goals by implementing these strategies: 1... More »

The Beauty in Pain

As a society we hate resistance, adversity, and hard times. This is one of the reasons working out is so hard to get into the routine of doing. It’s not easy, it takes work, and it’s not... More »

Can Lack of Sunshine Be Affecting Your Exercise Performance?

     Have you ever had a long winter day at work and seemed to miss the short period of daylight?  These cold winter days and lack of sunshine can cause a decrease in Serum 25-hydroxyvitamin... More »

Protein Ingestion Before and After Exercise

When is the right time to eat a food source that is packed with protein? Is it before your exercise session or after? Our bodies use several energy sources during an exercise bout that allows for our bodies... More »

How Body Fat Percentage Can Trick You

One of the most commonly used measures in fitness is body fat percentage. Men and women alike look at this number as the 'all powerful indicator of health,' and often, put too much stock into this single... More »