All entries for January 2019

Tips for Snow Shoveling

Winter season is in full swing! Midwesterners know that inclement weather can be just around the corner and with the snow and ice comes an increase in weather related injuries. A recent study by researchers... More »

Training Through Injury

At some point in life, an acute injury is imminent; if you are cleared for exercise, mindful resistance and cardiovascular training will bring a host of benefits. Injured or not, we sometimes forget that... More »

Progress is a Process

  Results. Every one wants them, and everyone wants them FAST. Time and time again I tell my patients to not get caught up with the rate of change, but rather, focus on the changes themselves... More »

Can Too Much TV Kill You?

Every cigarette smoker has heard the phrase, “How can you do that to your body, that stuff will kill you”, and the person saying that is probably right. But what if someone said the same phrase... More »