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Beware of Fad Diets

                Nutrition fads. We have all heard of them. Many seem like a good idea; others are plain bizarre. Each plan promises results, but all too many don’t... More »

Nutrition Budgeting

In my nutrition sessions with patients, I often find that people think that eating nutritiously means that they can never enjoy their favorite restaurant, snack or even foods ever again. I am always happy... More »

Habits--They Can Change

                   Like many of my patients, the struggle to exercise is very real to me. I woke up one day a few weeks ago determined to work out.... More »

Guiltless Spinach Artichoke Dip

Football season is upon us! Unfortunately, along with the tidings of Sunday joy come the high-calorie impact of get-togethers and viewing parties. Fear not-- Revolution has you covered. Make this healthy... More »