All entries for December 2018

Hitting it Hard

It is common knowledge that fitness facilities across America see an incredible influx of new clients in January and February, but by March, where is everyone? People stop exercising for two main reasons: (1)... More »

Goal Crushing

As we near the close of 2018, we start to think about new goals for 2019. Maybe you have a history of setting resolutions and forgetting them halfway through January, and are rolling your eyes at me as... More »

Hydration Through the Holidays & Beyond

Hydration, hydration hydration! It seems to be drilled into our minds the fact that it is important, but few of us understand the reasons why it is so beneficial for the body. Because the winter season... More »

Break Through the Plateau

Almost everyone trying to lose weight has had that month where they step on the scale and are consistently not seeing a change in weight. This instance has been deemed the dreaded “plateau”... More »