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ACL Reconstruction: The Long Term Implications

In the United States alone, the incidence rate for ACL injury hovers at around 200,000 cases with around half of those knees being reconstructed annually.  Although reconstruction dramatically improves... More »

Healthy Eating During the Holidays

The holidays are a time for parties, family, travel, and gift-giving. Unfortunately, they are also a time for frenzied shopping, stress, and over-indulgence in food and drink. In our last blog, the argument... More »

Staying Healthy During the Holidays

For those working toward fitness goals, the holidays can be a scary time. There’s temptation around every corner – at work, at home, and out and about town. All social events seem to focus... More »

Carbohydrate Confusion

Carbohydrates commonly get a bad rap in the media; with low - carbohydrate diets common among the weight loss community. But is there evidence to support this? What is the ideal amount of carbohydrates... More »

Sleep Could Be What Your Workout Is Missing

Before starting at Revolution, many patients arrive not knowing the exact cause of their irritability and constant lack of energy. As they start care, nutrition is improving and daily activity levels are... More »

Stay on Your Feet

Center of Disease Control (CDC) has reported concerning statistics regarding unconventional injury among adults 65 and older in 2012-2013. Of all unconventional injuries, 55% were due to falls, which is... More »