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The Journey of Weight Loss

Have you ever been on a road trip before? Chances are you have, and you know the process of it all. You plan your trip, pack up more stuff than you will ever need or use, pick out the right tunes, and... More »

Candy- Not the Scariest Part of Halloween

Candy- Not the Scariest Part of Halloween! The holidays are approaching, and they often bring a lot of stress surrounding food. I’ve put together some helpful tips to guide you over this first holiday... More »

Healthy Habits of Weight Loss Maintainers

In this busy world, it's often easy to dash out of the house in the morning without stopping to think about breakfast. By the time lunch rolls around, the deadline for that project is due, and thoughts... More »

Peripheral Heart Action Training

Peripheral heart action training is a form of exercise programming that can be very effective and efficient for those who perform it. Peripheral heart action training involves alternating the muscle groups... More »