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Exercise is Medicine: July 30th, 2012

 Fourteen mile run along the beautiful Lake Michigan coast.I recently read a book that is a "must read" this summer. Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain, written by John... More »

Fartlek...It's No Stomach Ailment! June 23rd, 2012

Seven mile Fartlek run on Chicago's beautiful lakefront Fartlek is a Swedish word meaning " speed play." It's a form of interval training that can enhance your workouts, making them more fun, more effective,... More »

Fuel Utilization for the Exercising Muscle

As Krista stated a few weeks back, we're constantly using the food we eat (fats and carbohydrates) as fuel, both during exercise and at rest. Understanding how our body uses that fuel can make a huge impact... More »

Fat, Carbs, Sugar, & Salt: Friend or Foe?

In recent years, there is always that one food group that is targeted as the scapegoat for weight gain and the obesity epidemic; namely, carbohydrates, fat, salt, and sugar. We're then bombarded through... More »

Nutrition for Exercise

Over the past few months, I have noticed an interesting pattern. Many people believe that in order to lose weight, eating before or after exercise will "undo" all of their efforts during a work out. They... More »