Revolution's Stretch

Do you find yourself sitting or standing for a prolonged amount of time? Ever feel stiff at the end of the day? These two-minute stretches can help reduce risk of chronic lower back pain.

Prayer Stretch


  • To complete this stretch: Begin sitting with both feet under your gluts. Remaining in that position, slide both hands along the ground in front of you. To emphasize right or left side, slide hands 45 degrees to either side and hold stretch.
  • This stretch will work lower and middle back muscles, increase spinal segmental mobility to improve motion, and reduce present or potential low back pain. 

Posterior Pelvic Tilt


  • To complete stretch: Lie on your back on a firm surface with knees comfortably bent.  Then flatten back against the floor while contracting abdominal muscles and squeezing gluts as if pulling belly button toward ribs and pushing your low back into the surface.  
  • This stretch will reduce low back pain, improve sacroiliac joint alignment and improve core stabilization/strength.  

Consult a physical therapist for more details on improving lower back pain or stiff muscles. 

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