Hitting it Hard

It is common knowledge that fitness facilities across America see an incredible influx of new clients in January and February, but by March, where is everyone? People stop exercising for two main reasons:

(1) the intensity is too high and they cannot maintain this level of exercise, or

(2) weight loss is not forthcoming and they become frustrated.

Research has proven that high intensity interval training (HIIT) is an efficient means of losing weight. According to the International Journal on Obesity, HIIT is easily tolerated and results in higher losses in percentage body fat.

HIIT Training can be extremely beneficial, but if it works so well why are millions of people giving up on exercise by March? The reason is threefold. Understanding these reasons plays a large part why our clients have been so successful at Revolution Physical Therapy and Weight Loss.

1: High intensity exercise utilizes large amounts of carbohydrates. Cardiopulmonary test allows us to learn which fuels are used at specific heart rates such that we can efficiently utilize HIIT training.

2: Utilizing large amounts of carbohydrates may cause insulin spikes, which can then result in an increase in carbohydrate consumption post-exercise.

3. Exercise adherence is closely linked to enjoyment levels. In fact, the International Journal of Sport Psychology found that ratings of enjoyment predicted exercise adherence. Finding a balance between hard work and enjoyment is a necessary step to keep clients moving forward through March and beyond.