The Real Secret to Success in Fitness

I recently came across an article that reminded me to keep perspective on how to succeed in becoming healthier and more physically fit (Finn). In today’s world, there are hundreds of programs that claim to be the best for losing weight. These programs range from Boot Camp, Interval Training, The Biggest Loser to P90X, on which I did my Master's Thesis.

The overwhelming amount of information and advertising about new exercise programs sends people into what Finn describes as paralysis from information overload. Essentially, people become so overwhelmed with the information that they choose to do nothing at all rather than try to pick the 'best' exercise regime. The good news is: choosing the best exercise regime is really quite simple. 

My master's thesis was performed on nearly two-dozen subjects on the effectiveness of P90X and found a clear and simple conclusion. It works….if you do it. The results of my study were that P90X is very effective for caloric expenditure, ability to improve cardiovascular fitness, and a dozen other measures. The problem with doing P90X or any other exercise program is that it does not work unless you do it.

The benefits of exercise are numerous. To name just a few benefits, exercise releases endorphins, which are hormones released in the brain that results in a good mood. Exercise dilates your arteries and reduces the stress on your heart for up to a day at a time. And, perhaps most pertinent of all, exercise also helps to expend calories that lead to weight loss. 

The bottom line is this: don’t make it harder on yourself than it has to be.

At Revolution Training Centers, our exercise experts take into account your current fitness capabilities and goals, and work with each client to compose an exercise plan that is tailored to each individual client. But regardless of whether you work with an expert or follow a program such as P90X on your own, the most important step of all is to carry out your plan. Perform the exercises as outlined by the program, and finish the whole program. I can just about guarantee that you are successful. 

In Good Health,


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