Just Dessert

Two Hour Hike on the Colorado Trail.

Recently, I was invited for "a dessert with President Obama." Now let's get something straight here. I don't usually dine with the president, so you can be sure this carried a hefty price tag with it and we weren't going to be slapping each other on the back congratulating ourselves on the size of our ice cream sundaes. No, this was simply a fundraiser. 

But why not an invitation to a " jog with President Obama" instead? With all his problems with healthcare reform and Michelle's great efforts on behalf of eradicating child obesity, why is the president stuffing 500 supporters into someone's living room and stuffing them full of sweets?

We are all guilty of this unhealthy habit of scheduling our meetings, events, and get-togethers over food and sedentary lifestyles. It seems like we can't have a business meeting unless it's over breakfast, lunch, or a date for drinks and dinner. I have a friend who recently lost a tremendous amount of weight with Revolution Training Centers and he now schedules our meetings over a squash game! It's fun, healthy, and we accomplish the same amount of work, feeling much better than just eating our way through a meeting.

So Mr President, I apologize for not slurping down a chocolate shake with you, but I have mountains to climb and trout to catch, so best of luck with that healthcare reform too.

Stay Active My Friends.