The Power of Visualization

Have you ever dreamed of reaching a goal before you even got there? 

The mind is a powerful tool when you’re aiming for a goal, and can affect you both positively and negatively. Spending time picturing yourself reaching your goal can actually prepare the mind to achieve it. At Revolution Physical Therapy and Weight Loss, Motivation Managers use visualization to help perfect the picture, view the details of how you can carry out each step of your goal, and of course see the end. 

For example, if you’re training to run one mile, you would want to close your eyes and see the start line at the beginning of your personal track, watch yourself power through difficult hills or long stretches, and spend a lot of time picturing making it to the end with energy to spare. Reflecting on the achievement of your mile may inspire you to go even longer, visualizing yourself completing a 5k race, making the once-impossible seem possible to your body through your mind. 

Visualization works by changing the structure of the brain, setting up neuromuscular templates as if you had actually completed the activity. It also allows you the time and clarity necessary to anticipate problems and think through them without the stress of being in the event. 

Any achievement can be visualized in detail, from running to working with weights to making healthy choices at the grocery store. Try it, and if you’re having trouble, ask a Motivation Manager to walk you through the process.