Stay Motivated: Monitor Your Progress!

Research shows that writing down elements of your new health routine contributes to motivation, consistency, and in the end, results!

Whether it’s calories consumed or burned, steps taken, minutes spent on the treadmill or weight machines, or even your thoughts during the day, monitoring your progress is important. Why? Because it gives tangible feedback on how you’re doing…and how you’re improving.

There are many ways to monitor – here are just a few you may want to try:

  1. Keep a journal – Diaries aren’t just for 12-year-old girls anymore! Writing down what you did and how you felt about it is a powerful tool you can use to reflect on your thoughts and feelings of the past, and how much better you feel in the present.
  2. Chart it – Put one on your fridge, next to your home exercise equipment, or on your computer; wherever it is, a chart tracking weight loss, muscle measurements, or even minutes of activity gives you a visual on how much you’re progressing from day 1 to now.
  3. Save the Date – If you have a calendar, circle the day you want to reach your goal. Or even a milestone along the way. Make sure you document it somewhere on your phone, and set up reminders of your smaller goals along the way to the big one. You’ll see how time passes and how close you’re coming to a big day.

No matter what or how you write it down, make sure monitoring is part of your everyday healthy behavior. Marking your change and the incremental steps toward your goals will look satisfying to you and show off the hard work you’re putting in.