Cue - Action - Reward - Craving

April 17, 2012

Recently I mentioned a book "The Power of Habit" written by Charles Duhigg. The science behind forming good healthy habits is fascinating.

Duhigg breaks it down very simply. He describes the forming of habits as a four-part process.  Cue - Action - Reward – Craving.

Let's take something easy like a morning run. The Cue would be leaving your running shoes and clothes a laid out by your bed the night before so you know when you open your eyes that's the first thing you see (don't forget to kiss your spouse!).

The Action is obviously your run.

The Reward is anything you think would increase the chances of bringing you back for another run or something that you just enjoy such as a small piece of chocolate or good cup of coffee at the finish each morning. My wife just lost 15 pounds with Revolution Training Centers and the Motivation Manager asked her how she wants to reward herself and off my wife went to the shoe store!

The coolest part is the Craving. Once this habit becomes ......well a habit, then you Crave the Action and don't even need the Cue and the Reward!

We see this all the time in very negative habits such as drugs, smoking, and alcohol. The craving takes over your life and it's extremely difficult to quit. The good news is that these positive habits, i.e. exercise, also become deeply ingrained in your subconscious.

So have fun with developing your own good exercise habits and save some money for those wonderful rewards. See you at the shoe store!

Stay Active My Friends