Skinning! A New Activity to Try

April 16, 2012

90 minutes of Squash

Taxes are due tomorrow so I thought I would brighten your day with a new activity I enjoyed recently.

Skinning! Yes that's right, Skinning. No, I have not taken up taxidermy. This relates to skiing and snowboarding.

My lovely wife gave me an early birthday present of a snowboard that's splits in half (split board). You attach synthetic skins to the bottom for enough traction to slide up hill until you are exhausted, then you take the skins off, snap the board back together (or leave it apart) and ride down on your board or skis.

Picture this! No one on the mountain, sunny beautiful spring Colorado day after hours, the lifts hanging like empty skeletons above, as you glide upward as far as you like. I did this for 90 minutes and experienced one of the best workouts ever! The reward is the best part. You get to enjoy a quiet solo ride skiing down.

Whatever your exercise and activity choices are, sometimes trying a new one helps push you closer toward you goals.

Stay Active My Friends