Avoidable Diseases

March 14, 2012  

Yoga, 45 minutes on eliptical and free weights.

I watched the British Prime Minister David Cameron speak at the White House today and he used an interesting phrase; "avoidable diseases." He was referring to AIDS and Polio, however, I believe we can borrow this phrase for the Lifestyle Diseases I write so much about. 

Weight gain, type II diabetes, heart disease, hypertension and high cholesterol are all diseases that are avoidable. I like the idea of referencing them as “avoidable diseases” because it sounds so achievable. Similar to avoiding bumping into someone on the street, or a car accident by simply turning the wheel a little, or dog poop your neighbor forgot to pick up, there are things we can do to avoid these diseases.

Now most of us who work so hard each day on our fitness, eating right and maintaining our motivation, know that avoiding Lifestyle Diseases is not simple at all; but we do know it’s achievable. 

So, let's start referring to them as "Avoidable Diseases" and casually walk around them just as we do our lovely neighbor's "land mines." 

Thank you, Mr. Prime Minister.

Stay Active, My Friend.