Resolve to Get Excited!

Three hour snow shoe hike in the Colorado Rockies. 

There were two worrisome articles in the NY Times this week discussing New Year’s resolutions to exercise more that go unresolved and weight loss success relapsing into gains. I found both articles very negative and certainly not inspiring.

What we need is some good old fashion hoopla!! We need to get excited about what this new year offers us and get up and get moving. We need more Richard Simmons! Jumping up and down, slapping some butts (not positive if he did that part) and encouraging everyone to start being active!

Sure we can read the pessimistic, sarcastic and down right fatalistic statistics on weight loss, fitness and healthy lifestyle changes, or we can start our future today.

Start easy. Set yourself up for some easy "wins," and build up your confidence that you can do this. In January, find something active that you like, did like or think that you would like to do. Start with some goals that you know you can accomplish. As you feel good about what you are doing, then slowly at the beginning of February, add a little more time and intensity to your chosen activity.

By March, when many others have fallen exhausted off the wagon, you are now just hitting your stride and many have added a different activity or exercise to give themselves some variety. Now, as April and the Spring arrives (sorry Chicago, you will need to be more patient) you venture outside more and enjoy your active lifestyle even more.

You get it now, maybe even throw in an active vacation like skiing or a bike trip, and you're ready for the summer and some beach time!

Let's prove the pundits wrong this year and set some realistic goals and resolve to achieve them. If you need someone to talk you down from that chocolate tower supreme dessert, just holler out to me.