Revolution Physical Therapy Weight Loss 
is different. Very different.


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You will be treated as if you are our only patient, with a customized treatment plan that will allow you to progress at your own pace.


Revolution is large enough to offer you all the rehabilitation and weight loss services you require...  but personal enough to offer you a very hands on specialized care.


We care for amateur, high school, Olympic, and professional athletes as well as non-athletic patients.


Our well equipped clinics are easily accessible and designed for your comfort.

Why Revolution?

The Revolution clinical staff are well trained with years of experience and possess advanced degrees in their respective specialties.

We offer early morning, lunch time, and late hours. We work around your schedule.

Most importantly, our results and outcomes are excellent. Patients return quickly to their “playing fields” of life; to walk, run, bike, and sports, feeling renewed and improved.

Why Revolution?

No waiting at Revolution. Immediate appointments are available. Your visits are respected and not a minute is wasted.


Revolution is leading the healthcare field, utilizing a paperless system. All records are electronic which will soon be required of all providers. To the patient, this will simplify your experience and allow you and the clinician to concentrate on you.